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HD Bridal Makeup of a bride with natural glow on the face is most recommended by the brides. Brides may choose bridal makeup with gloss or matt finish in HD bridal makeup or airbrush bridal makeup.

Looking to hire qualified Bridal makeup artist for the wedding makeup, pre-wedding shoot, engagement or a party?

We bring you the collection of very qualified bridal makeup vendors at your fingertips. With reviews, pricing ,information and huge focus on bridal makeup quality we wish make your selection easy. The highly rated bridal makeup artists can be found in our “Super-vendor” tag. Browse through their profiles and pictures to make your search easy, quick and efficient. You may use our filters to look for bridal makeup artist artists nearby your locality. Login, shortlist and call then to know if they can travel to the venue and get exact price per function.

Which bridal makeup should is choose - between Airbrush and Regular makeup?

Our bridal makeup trends suggest that in recent times is airbrush makeup is quite popular.But it’s quite expensive. So is it really worth the cost? Well, it depends on a lot of factors like budget, experience of the professional makeup artist, the skin type etc. Need more info -Hire a bridal care executive.

What are the pros of airbrush makeup?

  1. An air gun is used to apply the base or foundation . This airbrush machine sprays the foundation in the form of a fine mist thus making it extremely lightweight and natural looking.
  2. Recommended highly for the brides with oily skin type by experienced bridal makeup artists.
  3. Suitable for destination wedding.
  4. And since it’s a wedding day, it’s a good bet as it is long wearing, easy to manage and transfer proof.

What are the pros of regular makeup?

  1. When applied well, it successfully hides acne spots and blemishes.
  2. Can be tailored and applied to girls with all skin types.
  3. Ideal for brides on their engagement or reception as it is the more affordable option. Touching up is also easier.
  4. Bridal makeup artists prefer it as it provides more scope for contouring and highlighting.

What are the makeup mistakes brides make and how to avoid them?

Even after selection of a pro bridal makeup artist , make sure to follow this tips to avoid any last moment makeup hiccups. We know it’s your big day. We want you to br well prepared.

  1. Keep your skin and lips moisturised and well hydrated for any makeup to apply well.
  2. If your bridal makeup artist have not used a primer before and a setting spray after your makeup ask them to do so.
  3. Always insist on waterproof mascara and set your liner with powder eyeshadow. Our weddings are emotional affairs and brides may get a teary-eyes.
  4. Too much colour on your face (blush, eyeshadow) or an excess of highlighter is a complete no, usually MUA takes care of the thing. Make sure to double check.
  5. For evenness of makeup and complete glow you might want to apply foundation/lotion on your back, chest and arms.
  6. Preparing a small makeup kit for just in case with lipstick for touch ups, compact powder, blotting sheets and may be some q-tips.

When to hire a bridal care executive while selecting a bridal makeup artist ?

If you need help selecting a bridal makeup artist for your wedding – we’ve your back !Just ping your detail on chat feature on our website or login with your requirements, contact information.We’ll connect with you within 24 hours with suggestions, availability and best quotes. We also get best prices from the vendors you shortlist.To shortlist, login and just click heart. And guess what, it’s totally free to hire a care executive.

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